1. Do I think Lizzie is scary?
I'm scared of 2D games, if that gives you context. You can say boo and scare me. No I don't think Lizzie is scary, but I think she can be scary and intimidating when the radius of her eyes exceed 1 astronomical unit.

2. Do I think Lizzie is a psychopath?
Would I rule it out entirely? No. But do I genuinely believe it? No, absolutely not. Stop being stupid. It's absurd enough where I thought you would understand I'm joking.

3. Am I 20 years old?
As of 2019, No. Don't be stupid.

4. Did I get rejected from Purdue?
Yes. I can show proof.

5. Do I hate Lizzie?
No more than I hate Vaishakh. Which is not at all.

6. Do I think Lizzie is stupid?
Yea, let's be real.

7.  Do I think I'm stupid? 
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