Terms and Conditions
1. The products and services offered by this store are property of the creator. For "commercial" use (i.e news station, tv series, movie, advertisements, etc...) you will need to purchase the PSD file. See proper definition below.
2. All products and services will be paid for prior to completion of the product, with no exceptions. No products will be given until payment is complete. I will ask for a full payment after completion of 40-60% of the product. I determine when I have done said amount. No further progress will be made on the project unless payment has been recieved.
3. No refunds will be issued, in any circumstances. I will admit there could potentially arise a minor setback that could delay the progress of a project. In these situations I will discount appropriately. If I have to stop the progress on a project entirely, post payment, I will refund 60-75% of the agreed price and hand over current project files. 
 4. Product changes will only be offered up to 24 hours after completion. An additional 24 hours may be purchased for 25% of the original product cost (i.e: $20 item will cost an additional $5 for further modifications after the originally promised period has expired.) Minimum additional cost is $3, and no more than $20. 
5. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. You will be forced to abide by the terms at the date of your purchase, but new changes will not affect you. Buying a product means you have read these terms and conditions thoroughly. We do not hold any liability for your mistakes.

Definition of "Commercial" : Commercial, for my store and services, is defined by the usage of a product to sell another product (other than the client, or the client's team) on a platform other than YouTube, or Twitch. For example, if Andy purchased a banner ad from me to use on Facebook to advertise Andy's new youtube channel is OK. However, had Andy used that advertisement to promote his new album or t-shirt, he would need to purchase the PSD file. Please discuss your intents with me prior to the completion of the project.

Last updated: 07/28/2019 10:08 PM CST